Bananas Foster!


This was my son’s first ever Bananas Foster!  My friend Darren invited us over to experiment since he was planning on serving this at his daughter’s birthday party.  This was his first attempt….and it was a delicious victory!  =)  It is such an easy recipe too!  Just be careful with the flames!


Brown sugar           2/3 cup

Butter                    1/4 cup

Vanilla Bean          1, split length wise

Bananas                   3, halved and cut in half

Rum                        1/8 cup  (honestly, we just poured it in and didn’t really measure!  The end result was a little boozy, but that’s never a bad                                          thing!)

Cinnamon              TT…I love cinnamon, sprinkle to your heart’s desire!

Vanilla Ice Cream    1 awesome scoop

In a pan, melt butter, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla.  Scrape the beans out of the vanilla and mix into melted mixture:


Place bananas in sauce:


Cook for about 7 minutes.  Then, add the rum and carefully put back on the flame, tilting the pan just enough to ignite!  Cook the alcohol out, and serve over ice cream!  =)

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