Eggs Benedict


In the spirit of celebrating a joyous occasion (Christmas), I decided to make this.  Oh JOY.  Decadent, velvety, buttery, indulgent…this was a Christmas gift in itself.  I turned to my favorite food guru, Alton Brown for his technique (minus the homemade english muffins because who really has 13 hours!?!?).  Staying true to his pain in the ass techniques (it’s his only way and trust me, it’s worth it), with good timing, everything comes together.


For the poached eggs

Eggs                                        2 per person

Water                                    about 4 quarts

White vinegar                       1/4 cup

Salt                                       1 teaspoon


For poached eggs:

In a deep skillet, put 4- 6 ounce custard cups in enough water to cover at least 1/4 of the cups.


Add vinegar and salt to the water and bring to a boil, about 20 to 25 minutes.  Adjust temperature of water to maintain 205 degrees.  Crack eggs into the cups, 2 each.


Time each cup, ten seconds apart, cooking for about 5 minutes each.  Serve immediately, on top of english muffin, top with ham and Hollandaise sauce.


For the Hollandaise

Egg Yolks                                3

Water                                       1 Tbsp

Salt                                          1/4 tsp

Cayenne                                  1/2 tsp

Lemon juice                             3-4 Tbsp

Unsalted butter                        8 ounces, cut into TBSP pieces

Sugar                                      1/4 tsp


For the Hollandaise:

In a sauce pan, whisk together egg yolks, water, salt and cayenne.  Over low heat, whisk vigorously until mixture is at a temperature of 140-145 degrees.  Add one piece of butter at a time, while continuously whisking, maintaining temperature of 130 degrees throughout the incorporation.  Add lemon juice and sugar.  Serve immediately, or to hot-hold, place in a thermos!

*Toast english muffins and pan fry your slices of ham.  I use Jambon and you don’t need a lot.  1 or 2 slices per serving.  Place the poached egg on top of toasted muffin, top with Jambon and drench with Hollandaise!*

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