Baking Binge


                                    Bread three ways: Sharp Cheddar cheese sticks, dinner rolls, and cinnamon rolls!

My sister, Kari recently came for a quick jaunt to Seattle.  I drove up with my son from Portland, Oregon (the drive is gorgeous!!) and we all stayed at my other sister Tricia’s house on Mercer Island.  The result was food, fun and family love!  In 24 hours, we made quiche two ways, bread 3 ways, and a kick ass mixed fruit cobbler.  Here are more photos!


                                                     Quiche makin’

Quiche two ways!

                                              Quiche two ways!


                                 Filling for the cobbler: blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, mango and apples!


                                          We had a personal barista at the house too! 😉

Finished Cobbler!

                                                   Finished Cobbler!

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