With Vision, There is HOPE.

June 2015, Portrait of Jarl.  Ink on paper with photo editing.

June 2015, Portrait of my son. Ink on paper with photo editing.  “HOPE”

I just finished this portrait of my son and have recently been finding inspiration in the photographs I take of him.  I have a million photographs of my son and most recent photographs expose a very sincere and serious depth within his eyes. With the recent violent massacre in South Carolina, it brought up more serious concerns for the society we live in and what this means for people of minority.  I am more of an optimist, but the last few days I have been struggling to find hope and truth.  Why are we here?  Why can’t we live with love and compassion?  Why is it so fucking hard??  Like many, I look to my child to find hope and inspiration…I am confident that I am raising a loving, and compassionate person who is not filled with hate and rage towards other beings.  I just can’t imagine passing down hateful traits to a perfect child–one who absorbs everything that is around them.  THEY ARE THE FUTURE.  I can only imagine the upbringing that the gunman had, after all, hate is a learned behavior.  Whoever is reading this, PLEASE HUG SOMEONE TODAY and share love, not hate.  My heart goes out to everyone affected by hate, racism and terrorism and still chooses to find it in their hearts to forgive and stay positive…and to the people who are feeding this monster….HUG YOUR FUCKING MOMMA.

Birthday Cream Puffs!


Inspired by the neighborhood bakery from my childhood, Liliha Bakery, I made these cream puffs for my annual birthday karaoke get together!  Using a choux paste, vanilla pastry cream and a butter custard frosting (it has cooked eggs in it!), prep time was actually about an hour!  From start to finish, it took about 2.5 hours.  I took some inspiration from fruit tarts as well and layered some fresh Oregon Hood strawberries and organic grapes and mangoes on top of each puff.