Comic Book Biographies: Life of Riley (continued)


I am enjoying this project so much and all the positive feedback that Riley is getting about it.  I just finished up my last illustration and all the words that accompany my drawings are directly from Riley.  I am now looking at taking this to print, so this will be a learning process for me!


Riley, who moved from Tennessee to Portland just to feel safer to come out as transgender, is a prolific writer and just an all around great human!  She has empathy for the world and it’s issues and wants to bring more awareness to the masses.  She is happy that she feels like she has a voice now…and she really does give the best hugs!


Well, as soon as I get this to print, we will be selling this issue and all proceeds will go to her favorite organization…so stay tuned!  =)

Comic Book Biographies: Issue 2, Life of Caspian



I just started my second comic book biography.   It’s about a little boy named Caspian, who at age 1 was diagnosed with Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis.   Through his mother’s posts on facebook, I see a lot of the photos of Caspian growing up with this diagnosis and it’s very touching and so adorable!

Here is the title page of “Life of Caspian”.  ❤ Enjoy!


Comic Book Biographies: Issue 1, Life of Riley


This makes my portraiture SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN.

So, I have this friend named Riley.  We became friends at work, then connected through facebook.  Her posts were all around hilarious, deep, and very raw…mostly about being transgender. One day, she posted something hilarious about an encounter she had while out running and I had mentioned that in my artistic mind, I could see this scenario playing out in my head like a comic book.


She said “OMG, I’ve always wanted to be in a comic book!”

The rest is history!  =)  Here are my first few pages.  All of the words are from Riley’s posts.