Raven’s Gift Part 2


I started a bird series awhile back and this was from that period.  My love for all things winged started when I was a little girl growing up in Hawaii.  We had birds as pets and my dad had this weird power of attracting birds randomly on the street.

This started out as a portrait of a Raven then I had fun with it in GIMP!  I am pretty happy with the end result….enjoy!

Ink on paper with photo editing, 2015



Profile in Music: Musical Couples


If you have had the pleasure of listening to Blue Cranes or Swansea, you have enjoyed the musical stylings of this inspiring couple.  I first met Rebecca and Jai at Sanborn’s, my favorite breakfast joint.

This portrait was for their 40th birthday and was a surprise from their good friend, Kyleen. She invited a bunch of friends to submit something artistic in the way of a drawing, a song, a poem, or a memory and she made it into a book!  It was a beautiful gift for a wonderful, inspiring couple!

The quote is from David Bowie (they both love Bowie!)

Ink and colored pencils on paper



If you have not seen the Black Power Mix Tape, you should.  A moving documentary, it captures the civil rights movement at its peak.  This quote really resonated because 50 years later, it still makes a powerful statement in regards to the world today.

My thoughts on post election?  We are not defeated…but we have to keep fighting/serving/helping/rising/speaking up/protecting!  Spread positivity and awareness and keep fighting for the rights of ALL humans.  I DARE YOU.


Ink with feathers on paper.

November 2016