Protein Packed Breakfast

Kale Breakfast Saute With Homemade Canned Tuna

Anyone who knows food appreciates the time and effort it takes to do home canning. Whenever I receive such gifts, I don’t think the giver realizes how excited I get! Yesterday, a friend brought over a 32 ounce mason jar filled with tuna marinating in olive oil and herbs.  Immediately, my foodie brain began thinking of all the things I could make with it.  His suggestion was on a salad–classic!  I opened it up on arrival and we both took a bite straight from the jar.  Super tender, fruity notes from the olive oil, and a tease of dill…my mind started to wander and already I was taking inventory of what I had in my refrigerator and pantry to accompany this gift from the sea.

The next morning, I started in on this delicious protein packed recipe.


Serves 1-2

**you can modify amounts to accommodate your individual preference**


Lacinato Kale                                      4 leaves, destemmed and rough chopped

Sweet Vidalia Onion                           4 ounces (or more depending on YOU!), large julienne

Shiitake Mushrooms                          6 each, destemmed and large slices

Canned Tuna in Olive Oil                   2-3 ounces

Soy Sauce                                               1 TBSP

Lemon juice, fresh                               a squeeze

Eggs                                                        2

Olive oil                                                 2 TBSP

Reserved olive oil from tuna            1 TBSP

Black pepper                                        dash

Parmesan Reggiano        shaved, and as much as you want!


  1. In a saute pan, add olive oil and tuna olive oil on med high heat.
  2. Saute vidalia onions and shiitake mushrooms until just tender.
  3. Add kale and saute. (about 40 seconds!)
  4. Add soy sauce and lemon juice (this will add a little steam to the saute and cook your kale down quickly. I like mine a little al dente, so a quick sautee is great!)
  5. Place the veggies on a plate in a pile.
  6. Quick saute your tuna chunks.
  7. Place right on top of the veggies.20170524_123011
  8. Cook your eggs, sunny side up! (click to see video of how to cook sunny side up eggs, instead of butter you can use olive oil)
  9. Dash your eggs with black pepper if you wish! Slide it on top of your mound of veggies and tuna!
  10. Top with shaved parmesan. Serve with your favorite piece of toast!
  11. Enjoy!20170524_123407



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