Bio: I live in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon with my son, and our little Chiweenie named Redmond. We share an obsession with all things food, music and art. This city is vibrant with cultural, culinary, and creative inspiration and it's no mistake that we chose to plant our roots here! My background is in food, and every aspect of it. It has always been an important part of my life....and every part of my life! Music has always been a factor in my life as well. I grew up in a musically inclined environment from my mother's side. Between my uncles and cousins, they have won several local music awards and are still active in the music community in Hawaii. Between family, friends, work, and the social work that I support, it all involves food and fellow creatives! Surrounding myself with these people continues to inspire creativity in me. I started this project after going through my photos and realizing that I needed an outlet. I have a ton of photos dedicated to my craft. A lot of those photos involve food, music and art and everyone enjoying it! It is proof that all of these things bring people together and nourishes our lives in so many ways! I also wanted to catalogue my recipes for my son, Jarl. He inspires me everyday and he has taken a recent interest in cooking. He always wants to help and watch! So, come into my kitchen where there is always something cooking....enjoy!

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