Screen Door

Ok, it’s my birthday week and I decided to seize the week!  I have lived in Portland for well over 10 years now.  If there is one restaurant that I kept hearing about but never went to (don’t ask me why I waited THIS LONG!), it’s SCREEN DOOR!  Nestled in inner East Portland, this place is pretty packed every day of the week.  Yes, I drive past this joint 5 days a week to take my son to school. I FINALLY dropped in for my first taste!

Day 1:  (YES, I went there 2 days in a row!  Seize the week remember??)  It was around 8:30am. and it was just starting to get busy.  I was lucky and got a window seat.  I was surrounded by two couples, one on each side.  One couple was bitching about their work situations, while the other couple was super excited to be back again to try something different.  The guy mentioned the Brisket Hash to his girlfriend and she responded with “Whaaaat??  Dude, the chicken and waffles man…THE CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!!”  I thought to myself “Wow, the brisket hash must be fucking awesome for him to choose over the fried chicken and waffles!  GAH!  I wish I could order both!!”  I went for it and was not disappointed to say the least!  Tender, perfectly seasoned pieces of brisket, swimming in a pool of fresh radish (YES RADISHES!!) and potato hash with wilted spinach and an herb creme fraiche.  Right next to it, like a good neighbor, two perfectly cooked over easy eggs and tucked away to the side, the most comforting…WARRRRM flour tortillas.  I had the sun shining on me through the window and my coffee–I wanted to cry.  That’s when I decided to come back the next morning for round 2.

Day 2:  Today was a bit more crowded.  We had to actually wait to be seated.  We got seated in the corner booth by the kitchen which was really nice!!  Again, the day was bright, everyone was happy to be there.  I already knew what I was going to get, even though I read through that whole menu as if I had just laid my eyes on it.  Today was the day for fried chicken and waffles!!  I was so excited because it’s THIS DISH that everyone talked about…the dish I have been hearing about for years!  My best friend and I ordered the same thing, except he got 2 pieces of chicken.  The portions are HUGE, by the way.  One piece of chicken was enough!  Lightly battered, tons of pepper (the southern way!), a crispy crust (not heavy at all!) and super juicy…this was fried chicken DONE RIGHT!!  I ordered a side of cheesy grits to dip my chicken in, but when I tasted both separately it was magical.  Nothing says perfection than when your meal does not need any condiments!!  The waffle was lightly crisp on the outside and so tender on the inside.  I’m a dipper when it comes to syrup and honestly it didn’t really even need it because it was dusted with powdered sugar. I took my time eating it and was enjoying catching up with my friend Adam!  So far, my birthday week is looking real good, real real good!

Overall rating:  10 (out of 10)

Service:  10

Food:  10

Atmosphere:  10