Off The Beaten Path: Obon Ceremony in Hawaii


I took my son to his first Obon lantern ceremony on Oahu this summer.  For him, getting acquainted with his culture (he is mixed race, but 50% Japanese from yours truly) was one of my priorities.  I just bought a new camera and this is what surfaced after 100+ photos.  It totally captured the essence of that night!  The beautiful moonlit Pacific ocean waters decorated with the warm glow of lanterns representing each families ancestors, while my son helped them move along was enough to take my breath away!  I will never forget this moment!  ♥

It’s Meyer Lemon Season!


Winter time brings the best of citrus to our table.  It’s nature’s way of making sure the right foods are at peak during the time of the year when our immune systems are challenged the most!  In my home, Satsuma mandarin oranges and Meyer lemons are what we look forward to!  You can use my previous recipe post for pancakes and just add zest and vanilla beans or extract to it.  Enjoy!🍋🍋

Vegetarian Night!


Now that the busy season is closing in, I have time to devote to more cooking!  I apologize for being away for some time now…getting excited about food again.  I have been eating more vegetarian dishes lately and this was one of them…I will post some recipes soon!  On the left, some onion pakoras with roasted eggplant.  On the bottom right, some grated daikon with lemon juice and soy sauce for dipping or just eating on top of steamed white rice!  Add some organic grapes and veggie sticks, it was a vegetarian delight!