Just a little reminder that the most radical act right now would be love, joy and friendship. It would be a huge FUCK YOU to the current cabinet. It’s so easy to get mad right now, but don’t forget the things that sustain us and bring happiness to our lives! I know the fist in the air is an empowering gesture but so is this. 💕



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This is my latest project, working in conjunction with Know Your City in Portland, Oregon. Through their publications and programs, their mission is to educate people to better know their communities and empower citizens to take action.  Their core is centered around social justice and I am very honored to be working with a group of creative and like-minded people within my community!

Here are some illustrations that I am submitting for a Post Election Resource Guide, which will serve as a great tool to help the community find the resources they need.



Raven’s Gift Part 2


I started a bird series awhile back and this was from that period.  My love for all things winged started when I was a little girl growing up in Hawaii.  We had birds as pets and my dad had this weird power of attracting birds randomly on the street.

This started out as a portrait of a Raven then I had fun with it in GIMP!  I am pretty happy with the end result….enjoy!

Ink on paper with photo editing, 2015



Profile in Music: Musical Couples


If you have had the pleasure of listening to Blue Cranes or Swansea, you have enjoyed the musical stylings of this inspiring couple.  I first met Rebecca and Jai at Sanborn’s, my favorite breakfast joint.

This portrait was for their 40th birthday and was a surprise from their good friend, Kyleen. She invited a bunch of friends to submit something artistic in the way of a drawing, a song, a poem, or a memory and she made it into a book!  It was a beautiful gift for a wonderful, inspiring couple!

The quote is from David Bowie (they both love Bowie!)

Ink and colored pencils on paper



If you have not seen the Black Power Mix Tape, you should.  A moving documentary, it captures the civil rights movement at its peak.  This quote really resonated because 50 years later, it still makes a powerful statement in regards to the world today.

My thoughts on post election?  We are not defeated…but we have to keep fighting/serving/helping/rising/speaking up/protecting!  Spread positivity and awareness and keep fighting for the rights of ALL humans.  I DARE YOU.


Ink with feathers on paper.

November 2016