My Love of Birds

Here are my most recent drawings of winged creatures that I completed in the last couple of months.  My love of birds began when I was younger.  We always had a pet cockatiel roaming around the house causing trouble.  They were fun to have around and just as loveable as a furry pet!  My father was like a bird whisperer, always bringing home injured birds or random birds would come into our garage to find sanctuary.  It was pretty amazing.

A few years back, my son gave me 2 love birds as a Christmas gift.  Unfortunately, I discovered that I developed an allergy to bird dander and could no longer keep them as pets.  This is how I compensate.  =)

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Self Portrait


Ink and Origami on bristol board.  //  May 2017

It’s my birthday month and I’m totally reflecting on the last 40+ years of my life.  Been through some turbulent/wonderous/life changing/happy times thus far and look forward to so many more experiences.

Lines represent all the experiences in my life that made me who I am today.

Fragmented, layered origami represents the complexities in life and a reminder of how complicated but beautiful life can be.



Comic Book Biographies: Issue 1, Life of Riley


This makes my portraiture SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN.

So, I have this friend named Riley.  We became friends at work, then connected through facebook.  Her posts were all around hilarious, deep, and very raw…mostly about being transgender. One day, she posted something hilarious about an encounter she had while out running and I had mentioned that in my artistic mind, I could see this scenario playing out in my head like a comic book.


She said “OMG, I’ve always wanted to be in a comic book!”

The rest is history!  =)  Here are my first few pages.  All of the words are from Riley’s posts.





It’s true when they say that the eyes are the window to the soul.  It’s probably why I love portraiture so damn much!  This one is of a friend who is also a great artist and dancer.  This was the beginning stages and I have not finished it yet.  He loves lions, so I drew a profile of one on the left side of his face.  I’ll post the finished piece soon!