Self Portrait


Ink and Origami on bristol board.  //  May 2017

It’s my birthday month and I’m totally reflecting on the last 40+ years of my life.  Been through some turbulent/wonderous/life changing/happy times thus far and look forward to so many more experiences.

Lines represent all the experiences in my life that made me who I am today.

Fragmented, layered origami represents the complexities in life and a reminder of how complicated but beautiful life can be.



Profile In Music: Krista Soto of Ancient Heat

This woman is pretty awesome.  I first met her when she came looking for a job at my place of business.  We instantly connected and I loved her personality–vibrant and great energy!  I hired her on the spot.  Although Ancient Heat is no longer with us, Krista continues to have her feet planted well into the entertainment arena in Portland!  This drawing was inspired by her last performance with the band this summer.

Media:  Multi-media, ink on paper with glitter and origami.